At Aberdein Considine we work on behalf of a number of UK lenders in relation to all manner of debt recovery and have experience in dealing with customers who have found themselves in a variety of difficult financial situations.

With GetMeDebtFree.com we set out to provide lots of sources of advice and information relating to different types of debt issue regardless of where you live or who has been asked to manage the debt.

We hope you find this information useful and it goes some way to helping resolve a debt problem you may have, you have taken the first step by visiting getmedebtfree.com.

If you have been contacted by Aberdein Considine regarding your debt, please do not be frightened to pick up the phone to us. Our specialist teams have the knowledge and experience to be able to assist in trying to find a resolve to your debt problem which works for you and for your lender.

We can be contacted on 0800 033 4015