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A change in circumstances can happen to anyone and most people will not be prepared for what that change may mean to their household. If you have had a change in circumstances which means you may miss any payment to your mortgage, it is important to contact your lender in the first instance. Your Lender will be willing to discuss your change in circumstances and may be able to offer a number solutions.

Contact Your Lender

You may find your lender’s telephone number listed here. Prior to contacting your lender, you may wish to use the following tools;

Income & Expenditure Form

An income and expenditure form is a great tool to highlight areas of household expenditure which may be becoming unaffordable or areas which you may be overspending in.

Download Income & Expenditure Form

Entitledto contains a useful calculator to see if you would be entitled to claim any additional financial support.


Contacting your lender may prevent you falling into arrears and keep your payments on track, visit the ‘Help Centre’ to see other sources of advice which may help and encourage you to tackle any potential debt problem head on.