Scotland // Secured Debt // I have been contacted by my lender

If your circumstances have changed and you have missed at least one payment, it is likely your lender will be trying to contact you. It is important to engage with them, regardless of how difficult that may seem. Your lender will attempt to offer you solutions where possible to prevent one or two missed payments spiralling out of control.

You must be prepared to be honest with your lender regarding your change in circumstances and financial situation, withholding information could prevent you finding the right solution.

Contact your lender

You may find your lender’s telephone number listed here.

Prior to engaging with your lender you may wish to;

Complete an income and expenditure form

Your lender will likely ask you for this information, it is important to have an accurate reflection of your households income and expenditure to see how much spare income you have monthly.

Download Income & Expenditure Form contains a useful calculator to see if you would be entitled to claim any additional financial support you may not be aware of.


Contact PayPlan

PayPlan can offer help and support for any debt situation and a tailor-made solution to suit your needs.

Visit PayPlan

Getting in touch with your lender will ensure they understand your change in circumstances and try and help prevent any arrears situation worsening.

It is important that if you are falling behind on other priority bills such as; your council tax, gas or electricity that you contact these providers as a matter of urgency. They may also be able to offer a solution to prevent the situation getting worse. Visit the ‘Help Centre’ to see which other sources of advice may be available to you.